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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Federal Student Loan Repayment resumes in October 2023.  For more information, please visit our Federal Student Loans page.

MS1 – MS4 Services & Resources

Please contact the appropriate MS coordinators for any services or inquiries you may have during your time at JABSOM.

MS1 & MS2 Coordinator: Jayme Young
Phone: (808) 692-1000
MS3 & MS4 Coordinator: Jayme Young
Phone: (808) 692-1005

Services Available

Scheduling Appointments w/Dr. Burgess and Dr. Teranishi
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Burgess or Dr. Teranishi, please contact the following coordinators:

MS1 & MS2Jayme Young
MS3 & MS4Jayme Young

Jury Duty Excusal Request
Please provide a copy of your Jury Summons to the appropriate MS coordinator upon receiving the request. An excusal letter will be sent directly to the circuit court office. Please be mindful of the JURY DATE and provide ample amount of time for the request to be processed and approved.

If you receive the jury questionnaire and not a summons, you must complete the form and submit it back to the circuit court. NO action is needed from the Office of Student Affairs.

Letters of Good Standing/Enrollment Verification Letter
Please email requests to the appropriate MS coordinator and include the recipient along with a deadline. All letters will be emailed back to the student as a PDF, unless otherwise specified.
Official & Unofficial Transcripts
Official Transcripts:
JABSOM does not process transcript requests. All requests are handled by the UH Manoa Records Office.

Unofficial Transcripts:
Students are able to obtain Unofficial Transcripts from the STAR website. Transcripts may be saved as a PDF or printed.

  1. Login with your UH username and password
  2. Select the Transcripts tab
  3. Under ‘Campus Transcripts by:’ select ‘Semester’
Disability & Malpractice Insurance Coverage
All students at JABSOM are required to have Disability and Malpractice Insurance coverage while enrolled at JABSOM. You can purchase both insurance through JABSOM or provide documentation to verify coverage if you have your own disability and/or malpractice insurance coverage. The coverage period for both insurances through JABSOM is from July 1st to June 30th of the following year and must be renewed annually. Below are the costs of the insurances:

  • *Disability Insurance: Coverage provided by the AMA/Standard Insurance Company for $37.00
  • *Malpractice Insurance: Students will be covered under the University of Hawaii, JABSOM policy with The Doctors Company (TDC) for $25.00

*Please note both insurances are non-refundable and premium costs are subject to change.

Malpractice/Liability Insurance Coverage Requests:
Please email proof of coverage requests to the appropriate MS coordinator.

Immunization Records
The Office of Student Affairs does not have a copy of your Immunization records. Please contact the University Health Partners of Hawaii (UHP) to request a copy or update your records.

Phone: (808) 469-4980

For additional information, please visit the UHP’s JABSOM Immunizations webpage.

OASIS Helpdesk
Please email should you have any questions or concerns regarding OASIS.
JABSOM Access Card Replacement
To request a replacement for the JABSOM Access Card, please complete the JABSOM Personnel Access Request Form which can be found on the School Policies page.

Please contact the appropriate MS Coordinators for the required signatures.

Travel Reimbursement for Research Presentations
This funding helps provide supplementary support to medical students who have been invited to present the results of their research efforts at a national conference within the US or Canada. To ensure that many students can be supported through this fund, the maximum amount of funding available per student is $500 to cover:

  • Economy round trip airfare
  • Conference registration fee
  • Abstract submission fee

Only one student per project will be funded.  Requests must be submitted to OSA at least 30 days BEFORE the conference date.

Download the Student Travel Support for Research Presentation Request Form (accessible with your email address) and submit the completed form along with the supporting documents to Sandy Liu at

Student Publications Fund
As publishing fees for peer-reviewed manuscripts can be costly, a JABSOM Student Publications Fund was created to assist both medical and graduate students in sharing their research findings by supporting publication efforts.  To ensure many students can be supported through this fund, applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

The maximum amount of funding available per student for peer-reviewed publications is:  case report – $750; other research – $1,000.  Please note the year of application is defined by the date of the invoice from the journal.

Timeline for quarterly reviews (the deadline to submit applications is bolded):

  • January 1st to March 31st applications ➔ Reviewed in April
  • April 1st to June 30th ➔ Reviewed in July
  • July 1st to September 30th ➔ Reviewed in October
  • October 1st to December 31st ➔ Reviewed in January

Download the Student Publications Fund Application (accessible with your email address) and submit the completed form along with the supporting documents to Sandy Liu at  Incomplete applications will not be considered and reviewed.

For Current Medical Students

MS1 & MS2MS3 & MS4Academic CalendarResources
Pre-Clerkship Electives:
Justin Lau, MS1 & MS2 Coordinator, will send out an email notification regarding elective sign ups after each mid-unit exam (MD2 – MD7). No elective offerings are available during MD1 and MD8.

Pre-Clerkship Electives are optional and for students’ own academic growth. You will receive credit however, they do not count towards graduation requirements.

  • Visiting Student Learning Opportunities:

    • Access will be available in January of your MS3 year.
    • $40 fee for up to three applications submitted and $15 for each additional application.

      • Application fees are per elective application regardless of requested dates for that elective.
  • MSPE Meeting with OSA:

    • Begin scheduling MSPE meetings with OSA Director/Assistant Director around June.
    • Your medical school transcript and MSPE letter will be uploaded to ERAS by OSA.
  • Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS):

    • First week of June MyERAS website opens for students to begin working on their applications.
    • September 6 – ERAS allows residency applicants to certify and submit applications to residency programs.
    • September 27 – MSPE released.
  • Interviews

    • Interviews are scheduled primarily during the months of October, November, December, and early January.

    • January 31 – Applicant standard registration deadline.
    • February 1 – JABSOM will begin verifying student/graduate graduation credentials.
    • February 28 – Rank Order List Certification Deadline.
    • March 11 – Match week begins.
    • March 15 – MATCH DAY!
  • MD Enrollment and Graduation Verification for Residency Programs
  • Commencement:

    • Date:  Saturday, May 11, 2024
    • Location:  UH Manoa – Stan Sheriff Center (subject to change)
  • Convocation:

    • Date:  Sunday, May 12, 2024
    • Location:  UH Manoa – Kennedy Theatre (subject to change)
2023-2024 Academic Calendar:

Please note the dates on the academic calendars are subject to change.

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