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JABSOM Literary and Art Magazine

We are excited to introduce Mauli, a brand new student-initiated, and student-run journal for the arts and humanities.

Mauli is the art and literary journal of the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) and its greater medical community. We showcase creative works of any focus submitted by JABSOM affiliates. We believe that the arts and the humanities are essential to the development of a physician and recognize the value of the creative process in all stages of premedical, graduate, and continuing medical education.

The journal’s name, Mauli (bestowed to us by Dr. Malia Purdy), embodies ideas of growth, connection to humanity, and a bridge between the fields of science and humanities.

In studying medicine, the artists, writers, and creators in us are often overlooked or set in the back burner. It is our hope that this journal, alongside other student organizations, can help to keep those parts of us alive and well. We believe that having an outlet for free-flowing ideas and embracing all facets of who we are will make us more effective and happier students and physicians.

Issue 02

To view the Mauli – Issue 02 online, please click on the image below.

Mauli Issue 02 Cover PageIssue 02

The Mauli Team would like to extend a big mahalo to Arnold Kameda of JABSOM’s Office of Information Technology for his time, work, and guidance to make this issue of Mauli ADA compliant. The Mauli Team would also like to extend a big mahalo to Sandy Liu at the Office of Student Affairs for all her time and help to create the Mauli website.

Visit JABSOM UH Med Now and University of Hawaii News to read articles about JABSOM’s first art and literary journal inspired by a medical student’s firsthand experiences as a hospital patient.

Call for SubmissionsContact InformationEditorial BoardEventsPast Issues
Submission Deadline:February 26, 2024

  • Who can contribute to Mauli?

    Medical students, faculty, staff alumni, and all other affiliates of JABSOM are welcome to submit writing and visual arts pieces, on any subject.
  • What types of contributions does Mauli accept?

    Written Work:

    Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, personal experiences, short stories, humor, etc.

    • Attach as a DOC or PDF file
    • Remove all instances of your name for anonymous review on attached file
    • Submission limit: Maximum of three (3) entries
    • Word limit: 3,000 words per piece

    Please provide English translations if written work is in a different language

    Visual Work:

    Photography, paintings, drawings, graphic design/art, cartoons, woodworking, textile art, ceramics, etc.

    • Attach as a .jpg or .png file
    • Resolution: 5 megapixels or greater and 300 DPI
    • Submission limit: Maximum of ten (10) entries

To submit, email Please indicate your name, telephone number, and affiliation to JABSOM on the body of your email.

If you have any questions, please email
Questions, inquiries, and comments are welcome.

Faculty Advisor: Winona Lee, MD

Editors can be reached at

University of Hawaii
John A. Burns School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs
Honolulu, HI 96813

2021 – 2022 Editorial Staff Members:

  • Lead Editors:  Vera Ong, Kelli Kokame, Brianna-Marie Hollister
  • Writing Editors:  Brianna-Marie Hollister, Enze Ma, Nicholas Liu
  • Visual Arts Editors:  Rae Ruixue Zhang, Alyssa Kamekoa
  • Layout Editors:  Richard Ho, Kyung Moo Kim
  • Graphic Design:  Carley Kida, Michelle Lu

2020 – 2021 Founding Editorial Staff Members:

  • Lead Editors:  Vera Ong, Kyung Moo Kim, Kelli Kokame
  • Writing Editors:  Brianna-Marie Hollister, Melia Takakusagi
  • Visual Arts Editors:  Rae Ruixue Zhang
  • Layout Editors:  Kyung Moo Kim, Richard Ho
  • Graphic Design:  Amity Tran
Mauli is hosting a Writing Happy Hour via Zoom.

Date:  Friday, November 12, 2021
Time:  5:00pm – 6:00pm
Location:  Online, via Zoom
RSVP:  Please RSVP on the Google Form
Zoom Link:
Zoom Meeting ID:  922 9163 4535
Zoom Meeting Passcode:  write!

Join us for a chill hour of writing and sharing stories!  Topics will be a mix of non-medical and medical.

Get inspired and submit your writing to our next edition of the Mauli Journal by our submission deadline on December 15, 2021!

Mauli - Writing Happy Hour Flyer

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