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Family Medicine & Community Health Electives

Contact: Lira Quitevis
Phone: (808) 627-3232

Sub-Internship in Family Medicine
Program Coordinator: Seiji Yamada, MD
Location: Pali Momi Medical Center
Availability: Only available during the Fall Semester, beginning with Block C

Objectives:  The overall objectives of the sub-internship are to give medical students opportunities to have experiences which closely simulate those encountered during the first year of residency. Specifically, by the time a student has completed this sub-internship, they will be able to:

    • Do a complete and concise history and physical examination on patients admitted to a hospital, which would serve as the main history and physical examination in that patient’s record.


    • Write a set of orders which would be appropriate for the patient’s illness.


    • Follow the patient throughout his hospitalization and write appropriate problem-oriented progress notes describing that patient’s care.


    • Make necessary plans for discharge and follow-up of the patient after his hospitalization.


  • Be able to perform any procedure which would be appropriate to the level of a first year Family Medicine resident.


    • Students who have demonstrated readiness to take on the responsibilities of the first year resident will be allowed to enter the sub-internship.


    • Students will be directly responsible to the upper level resident as if they are on the first level resident on that service.


    • Work rounds, teaching rounds, lectures and conferences in keeping with a first level resident program will be provided.


    • This patient care program will include rotational night call and weekend duties under supervision of the upper level residents to whom the student is assigned.


  • Students will also spend on half-day each week in the Family Medicine Residency Program Outpatient Clinic working under the supervision of an upper level resident.

Evaluation:  Evaluation reports are obtained from attending physicians and residents who supervise the student during the Family Medicine Inpatient Service, then consolidated and reported by the Family Medicine Director of Medical Student Teaching.

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