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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Federal Student Loan Repayment resumes in October 2023.  For more information, please visit our Federal Student Loans page.

I-20 Documentation for Student Visa

Processing of your I-20 student visa will be through the University of Hawai’i at Manoa’s International Student Services (ISS) Office.  The following documents MUST be submitted to the ISS Office upon acceptance to JABSOM.  JABSOM Admissions Office will provide items 1-4 and students will need to submit items 5 & 6 to the JABSOM Admissions Office.

  1. Memo from JABSOM stating that you have been accepted as a full-time first-year medical student
  2. Copy of your Acceptance Letter
  3. Copy of your “Acknowledgement and Acceptance” form
  4. JABSOM’s Medical Student Budget
  5. Copy of Passport ID Page
  6. Copy of a Financial Document which shows that you have sufficient funds (personal/loan/scholarship) to cover the cost of the estimated first-year medical school education costs.  For your reference, please see the UHM JABSOM Student Budget.

Should you have any inquiries regarding the status of your I-20, please contact Craig Morimoto at For other inquiries, please contact the International Student Services Office at

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